The Gelato Spot

Serving The Best Italian Pizza and Gelato in Old Town Scottsdale

The Gelato Spot has three locations centrally located in the Phoenix metro area.  If you’re looking for a  healthy light lunch or dinner, then come on over to either our old town Scottsdale, Shea & 32nd Street or Phoenix (Biltmore/Arcadia) venue and try our delicious Italian style hot melty pizza straight from our wood-fired ovens and of course choose from many of our gelato flavors for dessert.

You might imagine that a place called The Gelato Spot takes gelato very seriously and you would be correct. We went into business because we were inspired by the craft of gelato, and we work every day to hone that craft and be known as the best gelato in Arizona.

Best Restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale
Hot melty pizza straight from our wood-fired oven
Best Restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale
Strawberry Gelato flavor

Wood Fired Pizzeria Gelato spot

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Shea and 32nd Street Italian Pizza Restaurant


Old Town Scottsdale Italian Restaurant and Gelato spot

Shea and 32nd Street Italian pizza restaurant and gelato spot

Italian Pizza Restaurant in Phoenix Shea and 32nd Street


Old Town Scottsdale Restaurant Lunch & Dinner Menu

Here at The Gelato Spot, you can have your cake and eat it too. Each of our locations has a different menu for you to enjoy so you never have a dull experience. Whether it’s our handmade pizza or creamy gelato, we know you’ll keep coming back for our authentic italian foods.

Old Town Scottsdale Restaurant Lunch & Dinner Menu

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Enjoy Cheap & Delicious Brunch, Lunch or Dinner at our Old Town Scottsdale Restaurant


Come enjoy cheap brunch at the best Italian pizza restaurant in old town Scottsdale.  you can find in Old Town Scottsdale. You’ll enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and can choose from our menu lunch menu.



Choose from our three different locations in the valley! Feeling like a gelato and some juice? Come into our Phoenix location! Craving our gourmet pizza? Scottsdale has you covered. Or if you want to indulge in our gelato, visit any of our locations! You really can’t choose wrong, we promise.
If you have an event, emergency or special request, just call us and we’ll try to accommodate.


Phoenix (Biltmore/Arcadia)
Juice & Gelato
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